Samsung recently announced the Galaxy SmartTag, a Bluetooth tracker that can be paired with a Samsung Galaxy phone. The smart tag works with Galaxy phones that run Android 8.0 Oreo and have at least 2GB of RAM. But there are some limitations to this tracking tool. It’s only compatible with Samsung phones. If it was available for non-Samsung models, it could make the experience even better. Let’s take a look at some of the issues that could be a deal breaker.

Unknown tag search

The Samsung Galaxy S8 includes a feature called Unknown Tag Search that allows you to scan and locate all SmartTags in your general vicinity. The feature is encrypted and has a randomized ID every 15 minutes, ensuring the privacy of your data. Using the feature is a great way to track lost or stolen items, or find out where your children have gone. Unknown Tag Search will even alert you to unauthorized GalaxyTags.

If you lose or misplace your Galaxy SmartTag, you can track it by using the Bixby voice-activated search function. If your device has a Galaxy SmartTag attached to it, Bixby will ring it to alert you. Another feature called Unknown Tag Search is another way to find your SmarTags. The app will scan nearby Galaxy SmartTags to make sure they’re not being tracked.

An interesting feature that Samsung announced today is its anti-stalking feature, called “Unknown Tag Search.” Besides using your voice to find the device, it can also use the SmartTag’s custom name to guide you to the location where you left it. With this feature, you can be a better detective than ever before. If you’re not sure which Galaxy SmartTag belongs to someone else, try calling their name and the voice assistant will direct you to the device’s location.

Another feature is the Community Find feature. This feature allows you to find other users of the same tracking tag as yours. You can also mark your missing SmartTag as “found” or “lost” and notify other users anonymously. The Chipolo key finder works with Android devices and iOS devices with 12.4 or higher. It is important to download the Chipolo app on your phone to use the key finder. The search feature can even be heard in other rooms.

IP53 water resistance rating

The IP53 water resistance rating for galaxy smart tag makes it an excellent companion to your Samsung smartphone. This waterproof device is compatible with a wide range of water-resistant devices, including most smartphones that come with a built-in IR sensor. The smart tag is about one centimeter thick and can fit into a pocket, but a bit bulky for a wallet. You can open the back of the tag to replace the CR2032 battery.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is 0.39 inches thick and curved on the sides, with a keyhole at the top. Its minimalist design is subtle enough to fit into a closed fist, but the device is quite heavy at 13 grams. If you are worried that your pet will get lost, the tag can ring out its own alarm, alerting you to its location. The tag can be used as a one-touch IoT control, turning on connected Samsung appliances.

An IP53 water resistance rating will let you know if your Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag is truly waterproof. While IP ratings may be a bit confusing, they can give you an idea of how well the device will hold up in water. It’s important to note that smartphone tests don’t necessarily replicate real-world conditions. While the IP53 rating may provide a safe measure for your Galaxy Smart Tag, you must still make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you want to use it in the real world.

Another thing to consider is the location of your SmartTag. If your dog gets lost in a rural area, it’s likely to run deep into the forest. If your phone isn’t close by, there may be a few people who know where you lost your dog. An IP53 water-resistant tag is essential for your peace of mind. Besides helping you track your pet, it can also help you find your lost smartphone.

10 different ringtones

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag rings very loudly and has 10 different ringtones. It also integrates well into the One UI and has a shortcut to tag in the phone’s menu. The device is compatible with Apple MacOS, Microsoft Windows and Linux. After downloading the software, you can open it on your PC or Mac and select the desired audio file. You can then press the space bar to play just that part of the audio.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag can also start home automation routines with the use of an app. Through the SmartThings app, you can control many other devices. Although the app works with mostly Samsung products, the device does not require them. SmartTag has 10 tinny ringtones that are loud enough to ring your phone when you’re six inches away from it. The tones are 89dB at 6 inches. SmartTag also has a battery life indicator and volume settings.

The Samsung Galaxy smart tag is compatible with a variety of ringtone formats. You can use one or more of them as a ringtone or as a notification sound. You can use a song file downloaded from your computer or a music player to select a specific ringtone. It’s that easy! Once you’ve found a ringtone you like, you can configure it by choosing it in the Settings.

The Galaxy SmartTag is compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones. Its Bluetooth technology can help locate other items with its built-in location service. It can also use data scanned from other devices to locate the item. It works with most Samsung Galaxy phones and is easy to install. With 10 different ringtones, you’ll always be prepared to make calls to loved ones or friends. There are dozens of reasons why this tag will be a hit, so you’ll want to choose the perfect one.

Compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones

If you are looking for a phone that is compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones, you have come to the right place. Our guide has reviews of the top phones for every price range, including affordable models and high-end models. You can also find information on unlocked phones and carriers that will allow you to use them on multiple networks. Regardless of your budget or preference, there is a Samsung Galaxy phone that is compatible with your network.

Most Samsung phones are packed with bloatware and competing elements. The Galaxy Store is prominently featured and pings you non-stop, trying to position itself as the main app store. While it is a convenient place to download apps, the Play Store is better stocked and offers more desirable titles. Samsung phones are not a good choice for those who want an app that is compatible with their existing phones. If you are looking for a phone that will work with your current phone and upgrade to the latest version of Android, the Play Store is the way to go.

As one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world, Samsung’s lineup of smartphones is as varied as its products. You can find a budget-friendly Galaxy A Series, the ultra-premium Galaxy Z Fold 3, and even the affordable Galaxy A55 5G. The Galaxy S range is the company’s flagship, with the Galaxy S22 Ultra sporting a new design and beefed-up hardware specs. In addition, the Galaxy A53 5G updated the Galaxy A53 line with new hardware specs.


The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag uses Bluetooth LE technology to track objects. The smart tag was first announced at the company’s Galaxy Unpacked event on January 14, 2021. The device can track your location, but it’s not the only feature it can do. Using the included app, you can also find your lost tag by letting the app search for it. A hook to attach to keys is included, as is a button to turn on smart lighting.

The Samsung tracker connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy, which maintains a constant connection and consumes little battery. If you’re looking for more features, you can download the SmartThings app and create name tags and assign icons to your tags. Similar Bluetooth Low Energy trackers are available from Apple, Chipolo, and Tile. Each has a different set of features, but they all have the same basic idea.

Both the Galaxy SmartTag and the Tile SmartTag have Bluetooth Low Energy capabilities, making them perfect for tracking your movements. They can also work as remote selfie buttons. Like other trackers, the Chipolo can be connected to a smartphone app using Bluetooth Low Energy. You can find these apps in the App Store and Play Store. The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to the Chipolo app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

The Samsung SmartTag is currently available in two versions: the standard SmartTag and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The standard SmartTag is compatible with all Galaxy phones and the Note 20 Ultra. The Galaxy SmartTag Plus is compatible with UWB devices. The base SmartTag costs $39.99 and works with any Galaxy phone, including the Note 20 Ultra and the Galaxy S21. You can purchase it for as low as $49 via Samsung or Amazon.